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Disaster Prevention

The goal is to realize a society where everyone is protected from Life-threatening disasters.

In addition to ideas whose applications are solely for disaster prevention, we accept submissions of ideas on how everyday products and services can also be used for disaster response.


At the Innovation Network for Co-Creating the Future, we believe that the following 2 changes will have a significant impact in resolving societal problems in the area of Disaster Prevention.

Innovation to build response capabilities during a disaster

Social problem

  • Challenges of timely disaster evacuation

    Even in cases where predictions, forecast and symptoms of disasters are available, if we lack a proper evacuation response and related support measures, we will not be able to adequately respond to secondary disasters such as tsunamis, fires and landslides.

Issues to be tackled

  • To optimize disaster response upon detection by predicting disaster risks

Examples of innovation

  • Simulation of disaster experience, educational program for strengthening capability for action after detecting disaster
    Develop an app for disaster prevention training, simulation of disaster experience by VR, etc.
  • Introduction of an evacuation order dispatching system that is tailored to individual circumstances (residential area, condition of the house, etc.)
    Individualized evacuation order dispatching system
  • Introduction of a system that confirms one’s safety after the disaster and for search support

Innovation to improve QOL after a disaster

Social problem

  • Problems of access to emergency relief services after a disaster

    Due to difficulties in transporting relief goods and aid personnel after the occurrence of disasters, there are challenges of maintaining minimum standards in the living environment for survivors, especially in terms of drinking water, sewage, and toilets.

Issues to be tackled

  • To secure the QOL of survivors promptly after a disaster

Examples of innovation

  • Development of a system that allocates relief personnel and distributes relief goods based on the disaster situation
    Develop a system to match relief personnel and relief goods based on disaster situation, through advanced ICT
  • Development of a transportation method that delivers relief supplies quickly and reliably to affected areas and victims
    Utilize drones as emergency communication relay machine, and for transportation of medical goods, etc.
  • Development of measures to tackle prolonged dysfunctions in sewerage facilities
    Self-completion type flush toilet needing neither sewerage nor sewage disposal, etc.
  • Development of a system to provide temporary housing promptly and economically
    Establish a vacant house pooling system to cope with disaster

Past Finalists

  • 2017 Part2 “Disaster Prevention” Grand Award
    Preventing incidents at energy plants employing AI and robotics

    Chinougijutsu Co., Ltd.

    Chinougijutsu developed an autonomous patrol and inspection robot for energy plants. The robot is equipped with AI to identify and detect early signs of possible incidents of old energy plants and thus protect safety of the society. The proposal contains a solution as a service to prevent incidents at social infrastructures through unique sensing technology combined with robotics.
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The following themes will also be considered for this program:

Business proposals may also be submitted for multifaceted social issues that involve several focus areas.

Note: business proposals focusing only on infrastructure technologies (e.g. AI and blockchains) will not be accepted.